IT Services

GreenLoop is the Cost-Effective Alternative to In-House IT Management

At GreenLoop, we offer you the benefit of a full team of IT experts who will ensure that your business systems are in excellent working order. For a small, fixed monthly fee, we deliver managed IT services that encompass a broad spectrum of solutions to ensure that your company is prepared for any possible complication, whether small or large, including network management, remote monitoring, 24/7 service desk support, and business continuity solutions to keep your data safe, secure and retrievable.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not happy with my current IT situation (too expensive, poor support, poor performance). How can you make this better?

We listen to you. We learn what’s important to you and then we apply our expertise and years of experience to give you options in plain English so that YOU can decide the path forward that meets your timeline, budget and risk tolerance needs.

We have offices/employees in other locations, can you help create/optimize our network so that all our people have fast, reliable and secure access to our network resources?

Absolutely!  While GreenLoop is a “small business” by any measure, we have offices in multiple states and an extremely mobile workforce.  Since our first remote employee, over a decade ago, our own business has been a “working lab,” for remote employees and satellite offices.  This has really helped us to understand the needs of a remote workforce and has allowed us to implement robust, heavily tested solutions that meet a variety of remote workforce needs.

We have an internal IT person, but I’m not sure he/she is doing a good job or that we even need a full time person – can you help?

Yes and we don’t have a “pat” answer to this question. There are times when it makes sense to have internal IT staff and times when outsourcing makes more sense and times when a hybrid solution makes sense. This is a very common situation and unless you’re an experienced IT manager, a very difficult one to assess. GreenLoop can help assess your current situation from both a financial and technical perspective and outline the pros/cons of each model. Obviously we have a vested interest in providing service, but we have an even greater interest in creating raving fans and if our evaluation shows you’re better off with an in-house solution we’ll show you why and hopefully earn your trust and possibly a future referral.

It seems whenever we have a new employee start their computer is not completely setup and valuable time is wasted. How does GreenLoop ensure these types of things are done right the first time around?

Our people and our processes.  Part of the onboarding process for any new client is documenting their network.  Part of this process is creating procedures for common tasks (new user setup procedures, remote access setup procedures, etc.).  We’ll also create request forms so that when you submit a request for a new user to be setup we’ll have all the information to ensure this is done correctly and completely so that your new employee gets off to a great start.

How much is this going to cost?

While this may not be the first question potential clients ask, we know it’s always at the forefront of any business owners mind and we’ve designed our assessment presentation with this in mind. In most cases, the assessment process is completely free. At the end of the process you’ll have a roadmap to get your IT where you’ve stated you want it to be and a breakdown of costs to get there.