Business Continuity

Business Continuity

Thank you for restoring my lost folder!!! I was beginning to panic, but you guys fixed it so quickly. Whew! Thanks! —JS

Is your business prepared?

According to a report recently issued by FEMA, an estimated 40-60% of small to mid-sized businesses would not survive a data disaster.

Many business owners tend to consider business continuity as more of a luxury than an essential. Financial constraints and other priorities can result in a business running operations on a network without proper backups or maintenance. Yet all it takes is one system failure to virtually destroy a business.

Don’t let a data catastrophe shut down your business.

Green Loop provides a comprehensive solution for backup, disaster and recovery that is priced to fit small business budgets – and it’s practically maintenance free.

Our business continuity solution is designed to revive your network quickly. It operates automatically to back up your data as frequently as every 15 minutes. If a problem arises, files can be restored in about half an hour, or if necessary, our system can take over as a virtual server to keep your operations running until issues with your network can be resolved. In case of major disaster, we also offer remote server backup to keep your data safe and secure.

The Solution for Businesses that can’t afford downtime.

Without proper maintenance and backups, a catastrophic system failure can take days, even months to repair – not counting the expense, as well as loss of income, that can occur while your data must be recreated. Keep your business secure!

Our business continuity solution:

  • Backs Up Data Every 15 Minutes, Every Day
  • Gets You Back to Business — Fast!
  • Complies with Laws and Government Regulations
  • Recovers Vital Email
  • Provides Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)
  • Keeps Data Safe When Major Disaster Strikes – including natural disasters
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